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The Photographers

The Photographers is a documentary that shows what life is really like for National Geography photographers. It was really interesting to see the environment and hear the stories behind the iconic shots. One of the photographers pretty early on was photographing in the jungle and he was absolutely swarmed by bugs. His body was covered in bites and he even had worms crawl inside his legs and feet. Despite these conditions, he was able to focus on his photography. He still talked about how much he loves his job. Next, I found the ethical dilemma interesting. When the hardships are intense, you can't just get over it. One of the photographers talked about the camera is like a shield. They also talked about how they had to stop photographing sometimes because it was emotionally too difficult. Finally, the changes for the better that the photographs brought around was thought-provoking. The photographers capture such raw and real shots of suffering, and the public response is to help t…
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History of Photography

I found Jacob Riis, Camera Obscura, Brandon Stanton, and Richard Avedon most interesting in this project. Riis shows the power that photography has. He influenced huge welfare and public health reforms with his art, using flashbulb photography to expose the squalor. Next, the camera obscura has such a fascinating history with roots as a drawing aid as early as 5th century BCE! It's crazy how many civilizations independently discovered the unique technique. It's also interesting to see how it morphed over time. This is important for our Photo I level work because of the upcoming unit on pinhole cameras. Brandon Stanton takes such beautiful portraits. He tells stories of thousands of people on the streets of New York City and around the world. His work appeals to the humanity in us all. This applies to our learning because I am interested in applying what I gain from this course to street photography. Finally, Richard Avedon's portraiture is incredible. He combined two world…

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation: The rising or lifting of a person or thing by means supernatural or paranormal (Merriam Webster)

Paranormal: Not scientifically explainable (Merriam Webster)

     Levitation photos are the beautiful meshing of reality and fantasy. Photography is such a literal art, but with some help from Photoshop,  the impossible is reality (at least on the page). Levitation photographs must have really good composition to tell a story. When shooting indoors, a fan is great for adding a dynamic aspect (if your model has longer hair). Clothing should also be long and flowy for the same reason. Make sure to shoot somewhere without harsh shadows– indoors or outdoors (but on a cloudy day). Finally, shoot multiple images to go towards one final shot. Thisincludes a shot of the empty background.

     Above are three examples that I think are very powerful. The first image takes advantage of soft, natural light and produces a soft image. The second uses flowy clothing and also uses the soft lig…


The sky doesn't worry about how it looks
When it is lit up by the sun every morning
It is unconcerned with its appearance
Amber and pink
Dotted with cotton clouds
Why is it that the sky is so cavalier
About its beauty
When we are so obsessed
with the mirror mentality.
We seek out our flaws
And let go of our wonder.
We must take the attitude of the sky
And be so beautiful that we don't care about how we look.

Landscape and Architecture

The Seasons
W: Windy I: Icy N: Never Ends T: Terrible E: Egregious R: Rotten
S: So Much Fun U: Underrated M: Marvelous M: Magical E: Excellent R: Rad

Photos with Quotes

For this first image, I chose the quote "Even on a cloudy day I keep my eyes fixed on the sun". This is from one of my favorite songs, Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant. I used a font that wasn't totally serious to convey the somewhat playful literal notes of the song. I emphasized the words "eyes" and "sun" with pillow embossing and capitalization. I placed the words around the eyes and nose to follow the natural curves and hollows of the eyes. Text warping helped this. The shape of the face was held by the straight and emphasized words on the flat of the nose bridge.

For my second image, I chose the quote "independence is happiness". Spoken by Susan B. Anthony, the words are inspiring. The ability to be self-reliant is freeing. This quote pairs will with the photograph because of how independent trees are, existing for millennia without human aid. I chose an aggressive and definitive font for "independence" and warped the text …

Shapes, Organic and Geometric

Circles have a certain symmetry.
They always end
at the beginning
and begin
at the end.
They are a constant reminder that
what goes around
comes back around.
They set limits
and boundaries
and promises
and circles.
What goes around
comes back around.
What comes around
will leave as quickly
as it came.
No trace
Just a simple circle
tracing the pattern
of what once was.